When you think of the F-bomb, one thing comes to mind. It's something you say to someone who really pissed you off.

And in New Jersey, it's often said with additional explicit language can only be driven by that Jersey rage we get when someone rubs us the wrong way. So you can imagine my surprise when the first thing my son said to me when picking him up from school was how he learned what the F-bomb is.

Needless to say, I was caught off-guard by that, especially since my kids are only in second grade. Before I can try to figure out what he means by this, his twin brother came out with the same excitement about the F-bomb.

And being my twin sons tend to enter their own world when talking to one another, it can sometimes be tough to interrupt them at first.

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But the pure excitement of the F-bomb and using it on others got me a little concerned about what the heck they were talking about. Surely it couldn't be what I was thinking. There's just no way.

So I asked them if they learned something new in class, such as science, that the F-bomb might be. They said no, none of the teachers taught them what it was.

They then went on to say they learned it from another classmate. From the way it sounded, the F-bomb was being dropped quite a bit in this discussion.

Getty Stock / ThinkStock
Getty Stock / ThinkStock

I then pushed them to tell me who exactly was talking about F-bombs, and they told me the name. At this point, I'm saying to myself it better not be what I'm thinking.

If it is, then we have a problem. Why in the world would the kids be using language like that so loosely in elementary school? This is only second grade, after all.

Then I asked them point blank, what is an F-bomb? I just had to know what they were referring to. And to my relief, it had nothing to do with the Jersey attitude it first seemed to be.

@libertysciencecenter via Instagram
@libertysciencecenter via Instagram

They were talking about something known as a formidi bomb, which has to do with Minecraft.

According to minecraftstorymode.fandom.com, it "means difficult to deal with or overcome". They go on to state that "the Formidi-Bomb" is referred to as the "F-Bomb" as "a joke about the f-word."

Whelp, I guess that explains it. So for all the other parents out there who didn't have a clue of what the modern-day F-bomb is, there you go.

Confused guy

But I have to tell you, with how my kids were talking about the F-bomb, it could've been used interchangeably with the actual F-bomb that's used among us adults.

Well played, Minecraft, well played. Just goes to show you never know what your kids will learn at school, nor will you understand the context of what they learn at first or how they learned it.

If I was into gaming, perhaps I would've understood. But alas, I'm not and had no clue that using the F-bomb was an occurrence in Minecraft.

Dan Zarrow, Townsquare Media
Dan Zarrow, Townsquare Media

It's all about gaming, and nothing more. The good old formidi bomb.

Although I will say, since the meaning of this F-bomb is remarkably similar to the adult version of the F-bomb, I can definitely see how it enhances the word we use fairly commonly in New Jersey.

So why not, kids? I suppose it's OK to use the F-bomb where you see fit, and we adults will do the same. Different context though, of course.

I suppose the next thing they'll learn about in school and brag about is the Jersey bird.

"Male American Goldfinch (Spinus tristis) - Ontario, Canada"

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