Note: This story was updated to show there are 44 locations nationwide not 37 and that the halal-halo dessert isn’t available at their newest location at Journal Square Path Station.


No worries. It’s not a new virus. Nor is it an invasive species like the spotted lanternfly.

It’s actually something good for which people will line up around the block. Jollibee is a fast food chain that features Filipino food. Now if you hear Philippines-based food and think this is going to be a kid’s meal with balut (a fertilized duck egg) you are mistaken. In fact check out their menu. Definitely a Filipino flair but you can get chicken, burgers, hot dogs and even fries.

That delicious looking chicken sandwich not exotic enough for you? Try their palabok. (It’s a noodle dish, don’t worry.) Ever have halal-halo for dessert? You can here. It’s a traditional Filipino dessert with crushed ice, evaporated know what? Just check it out on Wikipedia.

So if this got your attention or you’re already hip to Jollibee, you should know a new one just opened up in Jersey City at Journal Square Path Station. It’s to-go service only at present due to the pandemic of course. If you want dessert there they have a peach mango pie that’s to die for but that halal-halo is not served at that newest location. But is at the the others. Just last month another Jollibee opened on Route 1 in Edison taking over the old shuttered Roy Rogers there. Their opening at that location was so popular police had to be stationed to handle the massive line.

Jollibee’s third New Jersey location has been around for seven years and is on Danforth Avenue in Jersey City. According to a spokesperson for the chain there are 44 locations in the United States with big plans for future expansion.

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