Bruce Springsteen once asked on "Born in the USA" to "Cover Me." What if he didn't get covered? Then what? Here are some other musical "What ifs" from a Facebook post by "A Narcoleptic Panda" asking, "What if James Brown didn't feel good? What if Journey stopped Believing? What if the Devil Never went down to Georgia?" The questions that were sent to me are not only thought-provoking but could have changed rock and roll as we know it. Here are some other sarcastic "Jersey" replies to some of the great rock songs taken from the post, feel free to add your own.

Scott Hoyt: "What if Hammer did touch this?"

Shelly Miller Bailey: "What if Garth didn't have Friends in Low Places?"

Lynn Haley: "What if, nobody let the dogs out?"

Tempus Fugit: "What if it was the highway to purgatory?"

Francois Comeau: "What if Jude can't make that sad song better?"

Milda Vėbrienė: "What if the wayward son didn't carry on?"

Jennifer Edgar: "What if we did start the fire?"

Tarek El Fakharany: "What if the stairway didn't go to heaven? What if god wasn't one of us?"

Rachael Teka: "What if U2 found what they were looking for?"

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