Bruce said it best: "we learned more from a 3-minute record, baby, than we ever learned in school." Last night I asked listeners and friends of the show what rock has taught them and what the music means to them. Here are some of the best responses.

First, we had NJ 101.5 and 105.7 The Hawk's Double Down to talk rock music. Double Down, a close pal of mine, has always been a rock enthusiast. "It's about being an individual," he said, the music taught him that "it's okay to be different... be your own person." Double Down also touched on the sense of community that comes from going to rock concerts and being around people who share your musical taste.

Next up was Comedian Jim Florentine, who said that rock is always "great to let the aggression out." In times of loneliness during his school years, Florentine would listen to Ozzie Osborne everyday to get ready for school. I couldn't agree more with this sentiment, I hated school, but rock lyrics were able to put in perspective everything that I was feeling.

Finally, we had Glenn Stuart, lead singer of the Springsteen tribute band The B Street Band. Stuart's perspective of rock is unique because he actually makes a living performing the music. "If you could make someone smile, make them dance, or make them forget their crappy day... it's a good thing. The world needs it"

So what does Rock 'N' Roll mean to you? Comment below!