Dennis and Judi started a new segment recently on Fridays during the 1pm hour simply entitled 'What Are You Doing This Weekend.' One of the first callers they received was from a woman who was all excited to talk about how she had front row tickets for to see Roger Waters perform The Wall Live at Yankee Stadium this weekend. Little did she know it would spark a heated debate for the entire hour.The woman excitedly told Dennis and Judi that her and her husband were sitting in the front row for the concert and paid over $1,000 per ticket to do so.

Dennis and Judi had so many problems with this, they didn't even know where to begin. First off it's supposed to be over 100 degrees for most the majority of the weekend and she's going to be outside at a concert. Secondly (and more importantly) who pays over $1,000 bucks to see Roger Waters?

Of course Dennis and Judi just couldn't help themselves so they decided to try and top each other as to what they would rather do than be forced to go see Roger Waters in concert this weekend.

It was all fun and laughs apparently until a caller named Corey from Princeton called in to defend Roger Waters and Pink Floyd. Corey was originally from Canada and went on a diatribe as to why Dennis and Judi shouldn't bash Roger Waters.

Here's some of the audio from that call, including Corey's on-air argument with another caller who came to Dennis & judi's defense:

Dennis and Judi went on to fight with Corey and even went so far as to joke that they hated Canadians AND Roger Waters now, because of Corey. Corey even attempts to  reason with them BEFORE they decided to get nasty. Here's the audio clip:


Well, even with all of Corey's arguments it doesn't look like Dennis and Judi will be a fan anytime soon. But as a parting gift, here is something for Corey and all the Roger Waters/Pink Floyd fans not attending the concert this weekend. Enjoy, compliments of the Dennis & Judi show.