This years list of best beaches in the world from TripAdvisor did not include at least one beach in New Jersey. Sure the 'Jersey Shore' has its detractors and a long list of annoyances for many of us who've grown up here.

However one of my greatest pleasures in life is to take someone from out of state who's never been here and take them "down the shore". The variety of the beach towns is pretty striking. Let's start way down south.

1. Wildwood Crest

(Dennis Malloy/Townsquare Media)

It's free! The sand is like powder. The water quality is usually pretty good since it's near the end of the state. AND the gentle slope of the shoreline allows you to go out 50 yards before you're up to your waist in the ocean.

2. Loveladies 

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Located on Long Beach Island, there are only two small parking lots adjacent to the beach here and you have to really look for them. The beach is usually pretty empty and there's plenty of room to lay out and swim in relative privacy (for a Jersey beach!) Again, really clear water for our state.

3. Strathmere

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Nestled between Ocean City and Sea Isle City, this quiet town offers little more than inexpensive parking and a free beach. If you want action, both the aforementioned towns are a five to ten minute drive in either direction for all the family fun and food you can handle.

4. Beach Haven

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It's another one on LBI and if you're looking for the atypical Jersey Shore experience, these towns offer that due to it's limited access to the island. The water here is also super clear for Jersey standards. BH has a lot more to offer than other LBI towns with two motels with eateries on the beach. Plus the town has old shore charm that's hard to beat.

5. Manasquan

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Because it's kinda tucked away off the beaten path of direct access from the parkway and other major shore highways, this town is a hidden gem. The beach has a distinctively 'not Jersey' to it and almost reminds you of a California beach set up. Surfers love the break here and the atmosphere is as family friendly as it gets.

I'm sure if I asked any person in New Jersey to give me their top five, I'd get a million different combinations. Here's a tip this summer discover or rediscover a Jersey Shore town you've never been to. I guarantee you'll have a great day a few good memories to go along with it.

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