He was found not guilty last week in Mercer County court on charges of jury intimidation. He's claiming the city of Trenton and the County of Mercer and it's officials unconstitutionally imprisoned him and ruined his business and his vehicle. The business and the vehicle can be restored, but taking a man's freedom and denying bail on such charges is undeniably over the top.

He emailed me over the weekend to tell me he is in Atlanta this week going over his case with famed civil rights attorney Mario Williams. It's no secret that Weedman is an agitator and a colorful pain in the ass, but he didn't deserve to be in jail for 16 months! His biggest offense was messing with law enforcement. He called a Trenton cop a pedophile and snubbed his nose at the authorities. If you cross "one of theirs", good luck!

No sharp attorney, no examination of the facts, no ground swell of public outrage can save you. I've seen it happen on a smaller scale and it's scary and sad. No one, no matter how coarse or inappropriate should be punished to this extent for basically, as the trial showed, nothing. He was found not guilty and he represented himself, the worst representative he could have chosen, given his track record. But justice prevailed, finally.

It just shouldn't have taken 16 months of his life to reach this conclusion, and that's why he's suing. I'm not a fan of lawsuits, especially when they're going after taxpayer dollars. But in this case we should all be rooting for Ed Forchion to win, and win big. You may not think so and you would probably behave in a more civil manner than him, but this could happen to anyone of us, and it can't be tolerated. Not now, not ever!

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