A couple weeks ago, we were celebrating the news that my podcast co-host Jessica Nutt got engaged. We were celebrating and also having an awkward conversation with Vinnie Brand who, of course, invited himself to her wedding. We also had some awkwardness today as I tend to talk through breaks and my 'on' and 'off air' conversations do sound similar. So much so, that Jessica didn't realize we were on air as the conversation about Bob's offer to DJ her wedding was taking place.

Today, we added to the celebration as our morning show producer Kristen Accardi went to Disney and came back with a ring! Of course, now the difficult part of planning and paying for the celebrations begins. Both newly engaged ladies joined me on air Monday to discuss the planning and, equally important, the cost.

Jessica is a couple weeks ahead on planning and has already learned that a wedding celebration today can be an outrageously expensive proposition. My suggestion was to nix the videographer. Not that you don't want videos of the special day, but won't every person there already have a cell phone? My guess is the minute the new bride plunges the knife into the cake there will be dozens of Instagram stories posted before she takes the first bite. The first couples dance, dance with her Dad, vows and a thousands other quick videos that will be all over social media. Do you really need a formal video with a soundtrack? Will you watch it? My wife and I were married 23 years ago, well before everyone carried a cell phone, let alone a cell cam that is quality enough for HD-TV. I think we've honestly watched it once...maybe twice. I thought the best way to get the right advice was to ask our audience. Please vote in our Twitter poll and help Jessica and Kristen prepare for their huge day!

Given that some of the quotes were in the $4500-$5000 range, I may have offered to do it for $500, but stand by my position that if you need to save money, start with the professional video.

By the way, I did forget my wedding song on the air today...Jodi reminded me "I Only Have Eyes For You"....oops.

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