Wawa has told 4th Congressional District candidate Matt Jenkins to stop using flying geese on his campaign website because it looks too much like theirs.

Although Wawa's logo uses only one goose and the Democratic challenger's logo uses two, the company that owns the convenience chain believes they look too much like the design used by Wawa between 1990 and 2004, according to a cease and desist letter obtained by Politico.

"As you may know, it is incumbent upon Wawa and Wild Goose to ensure that the Wawa and Wawa Goose marks are used solely as representations of Wawa as the source of the goods and services provided in association with those marks. In order to protect its mark, it must ensure that people will associate only Wawa with use of the mark," the letter said.

The letter includes images of Wawa's logo Wild Goose has trademarked.

Trademarked Wawa logos
Trademarked Wawa logos (Politico)

Wawa a Jenkins' campaign sponsor?

Wawa said there has already been an association made between Wawa's goose and Jenkins' geese that could be interpreted as a sponsorship of his candidacy. This is apparently what Jenkins' wanted, according to a Twitter exchange between Politico's Matt Friedman and Jenkins.

Friedman on Tuesday tweeted a theory that Jenkins hoped voters confused him with Wawa.

"For a lot of people in our district, Wawa represents them. When we launched this race to replace Chris Smith, I wanted our logo to feel instantly familiar," Jenkins responded.

Jenkins' campaign on Thursday afternoon did not respond to New Jersey 101.5's request for more information.

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