It’s no secret that Jackson, New Jersey, and its residents have done everything in their power to keep Orthodox Jews from moving in. And they’ve largely failed because the Orthodox Jewish community in Jackson is one of the largest growing communities in Ocean County.

Located next to Lakewood, it lends itself to be a convenient spot with access to the dozens and dozens of kosher restaurants and Orthodox Jewish schools within easy driving distance.

When Orthodox Jews began to buy property in the area, many residents along with the town officials tried many ways of stopping the influx, from begging and pleading with neighborhood folks not to sell their homes to Orthodox Jews to finally resorting to passing laws that would prohibit some of their religious practices.

Eventually, common decency and the laws of this country won out over hate and Jackson had to give it. Like all minorities, people had a right to live wherever they pleased.

This apparently didn’t sit well with a woman in this alarming YouTube video. (Warning: Language is NSFW.)

This Jackson woman was proud to stand up in front of a council meeting and decry the change in her town.

Implying that Orthodox Jews moving in is doing damage to the neighborhood, she imagines pointing an imaginary pointer into the map of Jackson and landing on a random home, then she angrily asks the council, “What neighbors' lives are gonna be destroyed???!!”

Then rapturous applause.

Oh, it’s a doozy.

Then she refers to an eruv pole that some Jews put on their property to string wire from, which symbolically encloses the property. She calls the fact that the town allows Jews to erect this pole “lawlessness.”

Before you say “this isn’t anti-Semitism, this woman just wants to protect her town from change and urban decay,” ask yourself if in 2021 America you could get away with this public rant against any other group.

Ask yourself if you could substitute blacks, Muslims, Asians or any other minority group whose customs differ from your own and have it not be considered hate.

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Judi Franco. Any opinions expressed are Judi Franco’s own.

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