Before I went on vacation, I took the ice bucket challenge for ALS. 

I challenged my niece and goddaughter Giana Vitali who completed it. I also challenged North Hudson Fire Captain Robert Pisani, my oldest and dearest friend whom I met when I was four years old in Union City.

Watch what happens to me when I go on his boat in Brick to film him completing the challenge. Is this any way to treat a friend?

Of course, finally after his conscience caught up to him and he got me off the tube and out of the water, Captain Pisani lived up to the challenge with the help of Lennon and Albert Trevelise.

This reminds me of the time we were driving to Pittsburgh and I had him get something out of the trunk. I drove and stopped at 10 yard increments as he walked back to the car.

As of last Wednesday, the “Ice Bucket Challenge” has raised 94 million dollars.

Hopefully this leads to a cure soon.