It’s called Mooby’s. Yeah, I never heard of it either. Apparently pop up restaurants, or temporary restaurants, are a thing. And Kevin Smith digs it.

He has used Mooby’s in his films. A Mooby’s was included in his film Dogma back in 1999. More recently used in Jay and Silent Bob Reboot. A Mooby’s in Los Angeles just closed down and now Kevin Smith is opening one in Red Bank.

He shared this with his over 2 million Instagram followers. Love the cow!

The film director always has one side hustle or another going. We’ve known for years he’s had the Jay and Silent Bob Secret Stash on Broad Street in Red Bank for comic book fans. Now Mooby’s. Also he’s busy working on a small theater and live podcast recording studio. It’s called SModcast in the Leonardo Section of Middletown. If Leonardo sounds familiar, yes, that’s where the Quick Stop is where he filmed Clerks.

Kevin Smith lost an impressive 125 pounds since his heaviest 330. His heart issues had everything to do with that change and he’s been vegan for a couple years now. And yes, there will be some vegan options on that Mooby’s menu.

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