Dennis and Judi had the pleasure of having a musical guest in the studio for this week's Music Hour. Jax, a contestant on American Idol joined Dennis & Judi to talk about everything and anything.  Jax dished on what its like to be a part of Idol and how, seemingly overnight, she couldn't walk into a local convenience store without being noticed. See her discuss that in the video above.

A caller asked Jax about her influences, including if there are any judges on the show, who she would model herself after. Jax admitted that the Idol house band is amazing to work with and that she has a lot of influences on her music career, including Sia. See Jax discuss that and the hysterical reason why she needs to stay away from taking dares in the video below.

Apparently singing isn't Jax's only talent either. Jax apparently has some impressive skills when it come comes to impressions. Jax did a very cool  impersonation of the character Ali G! You can see her kiler impersonation in the video below.

From watching her time on Idol so far, Dennis & Judi already knew she could sing but could she rap? Dennis and Judi challenged Jax to rap along with the theme song for the 'Fresh prince of Bel Air.' After a little coaxing, Jax came through with flying colors and nailed it! Check it out in the video below.

Jax discussed her love of music, growing up as a musician and even what was going through her head as she waited for her chance to sing in front of the American Idol judges for the first time that paved her way to Hollywood. If you missed any or all of the hour, you can watch it in its entirety in the YouTube clip below.

See some of Jax's in-studio photos below.