If you have someone in the military, if you were in the military, if you love and appreciate our military men and women, LISTEN TO THIS SONG! It was written and performed by New Jersey's very own Jax and it is awesome. This young lady has so much talent and charm and love in her heart, that it actually bothers me that she is so underexposed, and that more people can't enjoy what this girl has to offer.

The East Brunswick phenomenon finished third on American Idol in 2015 and went on tour the following summer with other Idol contestants. Her first single La La Land was an awesome tune about her experiences on the show. She battled thyroid cancer beginning in 2016 and she is back and better than ever. Her voice is super sweet, seductive and innocent at the same time and this song should be at least on every country radio station in the land. Share this with as many people as you can, not for Jax's career or even Jersey pride, but because it should be enjoyed by as many people as humanly possible...Enjoy!

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