Dram shop laws require New Jersey bartenders to keep a close eye on patrons who may have had too much to drink. It's always been a point of debate but it's the reality they have to live with. Now what if I told you that some bars are starting to issue their own summonses to patrons regarding drinking and driving?

Before you get too steamed, what you need to know is it's not a real legal summons. And it's more about drinking and NOT driving.

Check out this Facebook photo of what was left on the windshield of a guy's car outside the Village Pub in Washington Twp.. He went to the pub with his girlfriend and sister and decided he had had too much to drink and decided to be responsible and find an alternate way home. When he went back to retrieve his car the next day he found this "summons" left on his windshield.

It praises him for making a smart choice and the owners of the bar are rewarding him for being responsible with free wings next time he wants to come back. "Customer is cited for making the smart decision of leaving their car instead of driving home. For this you are entitled to a free order of 5 wings."

How awesome is this place? Reward good behavior instead of punishing bad. I love this. More bars need to do something along these lines. If you're ever in the neighborhood you need to stop by these establishments listed on the "citation" and give them some business and some praise.

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