In a recent decision, Walmart stores have decided to move their Cosmopolitan magazine out of the checkout area and back to the books and magazines shelves. This is a response to the #metoo movement and the apparently allegedly hypersexual images and statements on the cover of Cosmo. But what’s ironic is that a woman’s sexuality and her freedom to be depicted on the cover of a magazine half-dressed is part of what the woman’s movement was about. The idea was that a woman should be able to use her sexuality the same way men did. And then what did women find? That when they did, men responded. And for some reason, women did not like that. Well I know the reason: it's because women and men are very different and the woman’s movement sought to ignore that fact.

Now, in terms of Cosmo, (Who may as well kiss its glossy-paged ass goodbye anyway since magazines are almost dead and this will only make it dead-er) let me get this straight: You want to be able to act as outwardly sexual as a man, by putting yourself on the cover of a magazine to show the world, but now you have to hide that very magazine that you fought so hard to bring to fruition? Because of its effect upon men? Huh?? Wasn’t Cosmo a symbol of a woman’s sexual freedom? This is one of the many reasons why I never understood “feminism” or the woman’s movement and especially the #metoo movement. But the good news is, I’m in good company. Because I don’t think any of those movements’ supporters get it either.

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