New Jersey is filled with historic sites.  You just need to look around.

Some sites are well known: we've read about them in history books, and they're a "must-see" in tour books and vacation literature.

Other historic sites you can pass by in the blink of an eye...a small historic marker (like in the photo above) can easily blend into the background.

Case in point:

The historic Johnson Trolley Line in Lawrence Township is within walking distance of New Jersey 101.5 (OK...its within easy walking distance for ME, on a nice, sunny day, before or after a show).

A leisurely walk along this path would do you good! (Craig Allen photo).
A leisurely walk along this path would do you good! (Craig Allen photo).

A walking and jogging path, the Johnson Trolley Line Trail, follows the route once taken by the Trenton-Princeton Traction Company trolley.

The trolley was known as the "Fast Line," as it moved at 40 miles per hour (faster than a competitor).

It ran from Witherspoon Street in Princeton, to West Hanover Street in Trenton.

It had stops in Lawrence Township at Eggerts Crossing Road, Denow Road and Phillips Avenue.

The fare was 10¢.

Slow down... and read the Historic Marker. (Craig Allen photo)

As the historic marker notes: Governor Woodrow Wilson used to ride the line, and give pennies to the children. (Wilson was Governor from 1911-1913, before assuming the Presidency. He was President until 1921)

The trolley ran from November 1901 until November 1940.

But that's not the end of the story, as the old trolley tracks were used to haul freight until 1974.

The tracks are long gone...and the walking/jogging path has taken their place.

"The Johnson Trolley Line Trail" has two sections, north and south, which are split by Interstate 95.

The North section runs 1 mile through a tree-lined neighborhood, between Gordon Avenue and Denow Road. Just south of Gordon Road, you can access another trail to Village Park (to the northwest) or the Lawrenceville School path (southeast).

The South section is just under 1 mile and follows a portion of Johnson Avenue from Shababunk Creet to I-95. A section from Eggert's Crossing Road to I-95 includes a bridge over Five Mile Run.

Feel free to take a walk along the path from sunup to sundown.

If you don't live in the area, you can park along the side streets, and walk to the the trail.

A penny on the path! Thanks Governor/President Wilson! (Craig Allen photo)

Where have you seen historic markers, or historic sites around New Jersey, that go mostly unnoticed?

Please feel free to share below.

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