Tuesday is Primary Election Day In NJ (Craig Allen photo).

Tuesday, June 7th is Primary Election Day in New Jersey. The sign has it right.

Memorial Day is fresh in our memories...all of us weekend music hosts took it upon ourselves to remind you that many Americans have fought for our freedoms...including the freedom to vote. To decide who will lead us.

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(Craig Allen photo)

Tuesday, starting at 6am, you have the opportunity to decide who will represent your party in the general election in November.

Local town seats are up for grabs. Congressional candidates are vying for your vote.

And, while Donald Trump has the Republican nomination in hand...Democrats can cast a ballot for Hillary or Bernie.

Vote for the person who best represents your stand on the issues that affect us all.

And, remember, you also have the right to "write in" a name...

Recently, you got a sample ballot in the mail. Look it over before you enter the voting booth on Tuesday.

And, as a poll worker who has helped many lost voters figure out which district they are in...and in some cases have sent voters to new polling places...let me make a suggestion:

AVOID confusion...and lost time!

Do it! (Craig Allen photo).

Bring the sample ballot with you!

Along with listing the candidates... tells you your polling place location, and your district number...everything you need to know is listed right on the front of the sample ballot!

All this information is listed on the front, beside your mailing address (in Somerset County, at least).

Absentee ballot envelope. (Craig Allen photo).
Absentee ballot envelope. (Craig Allen photo).

If you vote by absentee ballot, you must get that ballot to your County Clerk BEFORE the polls close on Tuesday evening, if you want your vote to count!

Follow the sign, on Tuesday. (Craig Allen photo).
Follow the sign, on Tuesday. (Craig Allen photo).

Primary Day is Tuesday.


6am til 8pm.

Hear your votes counted on New Jersey 101.5!

Read about it here at!


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