ATLANTIC CITY — A crewman on a fishing vessel had to be medevaced to shore because of chest pain on Monday night, prompting Coast Guard members to travel into hazardous conditions by helicopter to rescue the man.

The Coast Guard reported the helicopter was dispatched from Air Station Atlantic City after the call came in around 8:40 on Monday night. The helicopter arrived on the scene at 11:45 to rescue the man who was suffering chest pains.

"The conditions made for an extremely difficult rescue, but because of teamwork and training for rough conditions, we were able to help the man," Lt. Kevin Smith said.

Smith, who served as a pilot on the case said the success of the rescue "highlights how important it is for vessels to have operational communication equipment on board their vessel."

The man was airlifted to Air Station Atlantic City before being taken to AtlantiCare Regional Medical Center by paramedics.

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