Vic Dibitetto is known for his loud over the top honest comedy which has catapulted him to new heights since his “Bread and Milk” video went viral. The Manalapan comedian (who has been my friend for over 12 years) came on my show not to deliver a monologue but a personal revelation and a message.

Vic’s son Michael came out to him two years ago and he came on air to address kids who are scared to come out, as well as parents who think that their kids are gay. Says Dibitetto, “would you rather your son or daughter come out of the closet, or would you rather find your son or daughter hanging in the closet? Get over it.”

Vic talked about his reaction to his son coming out, “I hugged him, I kissed him, I said I love you. You’re my son, I don’t care what you are.”

We then took several phone calls with Vic offering consolation as well as advice to callers. One caller, Briana, talked about how her coming out as transsexual affected her job and her relationship with her mother.

Later, we were joined by Deminski and Doyle's producer, Joe, who talked about when he came out. Ironically, Joe’s mother works at Uncle Vinnie’s comedy club and was there the first time Vic started incorporating gay material into his act with his son's permission. She pointed out to Vic that talking about his son coming out in his act would open the eyes of parents and closeted kids in the audience. Talking about it in front of others creates a conversation and shows those is fear that it's okay to come out.

Vic hopes that being this open about having a gay son will inspire others to come out or be more accepting when having someone come out to them. "Being a comic your whole dream is you want the sitcom, you want movies… I reach a lot of people, I hope I’m changing lives. I’m not the messiah, but damn it I’m helping."

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