“I’m often asked what it’s like being a full-time, working comedian who *isn’t* famous.  The best answer I can give is that it’s kind of like being a coal miner, but without comforting knowledge that black lung will eventually take all the pain away.

Of course, I’m joking. “Comedian’s liver” is *much* more damaging than black lung could ever be.

Seriously, though, it’s tough when you’re a working stiff, comedian, especially as you start to grey and the promise of fame and fortune start to seem as distant and likely as having chiseled abs or health insurance, or, you know, a viable solution for your crippling depression.

That’s why Vic Dibitteto is such an inspiration. For years, he was a jobber — a well-respected comic who could headline anywhere and crush every room, but not a name you would recognize — and then, all of a sudden, his “Bread and Milk” YouTube becomes a sensation and Vic is famous at 50.

Vic is now selling out theaters all over the country and racking up millions of hits on every video he releases.  It’s the kind of well-earned success that isn’t the result of random luck; it’s a product of putting the time, day after day and year after year.

It’s the kind of success that makes me, as a comic, think, hey, one day, if I follow Vic’s example, I could maybe afford one of those fancy “jackets” I see rich people wearing during the winter.

Vic joins us on the podcast to talk about this meteoric success, his appearance in Kevin James’ “Paul Blart 2”, the difference between sauce and gravy, and the weirder elements of “The Godfather.”

Oh, and, not to upstage Vic, but I also juggle in this episode. Check out the videos below to see Vic’s “Bread and Milk” video and also the one of me juggling. But, uh, do me a favor, and don’t check the “view count” on either video. Pretty sure, they’re almost identical. Practically. Almost. If you round to the nearest 10 million.

It’s a must listen! Check it out now!

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And, as always, thanks for listening!”

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