Once upon a time in New Jersey when you asked for a table in a restaurant your reply was "Smoking or non-smoking?" Using that idea, why not allow New Jersey restaurants to have a "vaccinated" or "vax" section for those who present proof they've had both shots?

The CDC says people who have been vaccinated can be with other people who have been vaccinated without having to wear a mask or maintain social distance.

That being the case, the "vax" section tables can be as close as normal with stools at the bar so that people can sit and drink if they want. That would be a huge help to the bar owners who make 75% of their liquor sales from those sitting at the bar.

Right now, New Jersey restaurants are open at 50% capacity. They are struggling to make money while at the same time when the summer hits, we are going to be waiting forever to get a table. With a "vax" section taking up, say, half the dining space, they can fit more people in and those in that section can sit next to each other mask-less and enjoy their meal.

Now to be clear, I'm not advocating a vaccine passport or saying that we all should have one. My goal here, as we get closer to summer, is to get as many people into Jersey restaurants as possible.

In a perfect world, New Jersey would just be opened up like Texas where they've actually seen new COVID cases plummet to their lowest total since June. New Jersey, meanwhile is one of five states that make up 44% of new cases this past week. But what do I know?

I know that working with the restrictions given by Gov. Murphy along with the science of the CDC regarding those who've been vaccinated, having a "vax" section in New Jersey restaurants could get them the money they need to keep themselves afloat until we totally reopen. Whenever that is.

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Steve Trevelise. Any opinions expressed are Steve's own. Steve Trevelise is on New Jersey 101.5 Monday-Thursday from 7pm-11pm. Follow him on Twitter @realstevetrev.

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