LINDEN — Vandals jumping up and down on cars parked in a movie theater parking lot after midnight Wednesday were caught on video — which they recorded and shared on their own.

Two males are seen waling across the hoods of cars and doing somersaults on the vehicles parked at the AMC Aviation 12. One of them is seen cracking the windshield of a car with his feet.

Voices on and off camera are heard screaming, laughing and yelling in glee as the two males make their way up the row of parked cars.

Police said the video was originally posted to Instagram. Residents alerted police to the video.

Moviegoers found the damage when they came out of the theater around 12:30 a.m.

Police Lt. Christopher Guenther said vandalism done in this manor is a first for him.

"It's not typical of the behavior we see in that area or in the city," Guenther said.

Police said about nine cars were damaged, based on viewing the video. Guenther said that additional vehicles may be damaged and it's important they be reported to police.

"We can't prosecute a case like this. We can't make an arrest in a case like this without victim cooperation."

Gunther asked anyone with information about this case of whose car was damaged to call 908-474-8536.

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