HILLSIDE — When an unhappy auto shop customer pulled a shotgun out of his car, a quick-thinking owner was able to restrain him until police arrived.

The incident happened Monday at C4 Auto Mechanics on Maple Avenue, according to police.

At around 3:30 p.m., township resident Uchechukw Nwaozor, 27, attempted to punch an employee after arguing over an estimate he was given, police said. The employee was able to block the punch and hit the man back in self defense, which is when Nwaozor went to his car to get a short-handle pump shotgun, police said.

With gun in hand, Nwaozor told another employee that if they called the police they were "going to get it, too," according to police. The owner then closed the bay door to the shop, wrapping his arms around Nwaozor and telling him that "we're not doing this today," and to "get out of here," police said.

Nwaozor was located shortly after leaving the shop and the shotgun was recovered from his trunk, police said.

He is charged with assault, making terroristic threats, possession of a weapon, possession of a weapon for an unlawful purpose.

"Thanks to the quick actions of our officers and detectives, a dangerous person has been arrested and separated from his firearm," Chief Vincent Ricciardi said. "Thankfully no one was seriously injured."

He was taken to the Union County Jail after being taken into custody.

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