It was four years ago that we were going through the drama of an overreaching, tyrannical government forcing its will on private citizens and private businesses.

It was the height of the hysteria over the pandemic and four years ago this past Sunday that a man named Ian Smith reopened his gym in direct violation of the Governor's orders to shut down businesses like his along with other small stores and of course, places of worship. But liquor stores remained open as you may recall.

When Ian Smith began his fight against the powers that be, people took sides based on their view of the state's handling of the pandemic. Then public opinion started to change some peoples' minds about Smith when it came out that he served time for a drunk driving fatality.

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Photo by Mark Makela/Getty Images
Photo by Mark Makela/Getty Images

The media was happy that they could point out his faults so as not to make him out to be such a hero. The media for the most part sided with the tyrant Murphy and they sucked up to him every day at his press briefings.

It wasn't about Ian Smith's past or his character. It was about how at least someone was standing up against the enormous power and ruthless will of people like Murphy and other big government power-hungry elites.

Well, here we are four years later and over 80 municipal charges of violating the Governor's orders have been dismissed.

Getty Images
Getty Images

Four years and tons of money, time, aggravation and worry and it's finally over. No apology from the Governor. No acknowledgment that he was wrong. Nothing!

In his mind, he didn't lose. He won. It wasn't the charges that were unconstitutional and above his pay grade as he once famously said on national TV. No, it was the process through his powerful office, that he BOUGHT six years ago, that prevented people like Ian Smith from exercising their constitutional rights to live and work here in New Jersey.

This is not to mention all of the people who had to miss their loved one's final moments of life in nursing homes. Or the people who lost their jobs, choosing not to take what turned out to be a risky experimental treatment called a vaccine.

Gov. Phil Murphy signs legislation
Gov. Phil Murphy signs legislation (Edwin J. Torres/New Jersey Governor's Office via AP)

This is how I hope the rest of New Jersey will remember this elitist, power-hungry, out-of-touch aristocratic fool of a governor. How many lives and businesses he ruined. How many careers he destroyed. How many families he tore apart with his ignorance of governance and lust for power.

He should be ashamed for all of it, but he's not. Still right won out over wrong, even though it took far too long to take place.

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