Sometimes you just can't make it up living in New Jersey.

You would think small businesses in New Jersey would be given every opportunity to thrive and achieve success, right? Wrong! What do they get instead? Grief!

Old York Cellars has a line of wines entitled "What Exit," that shows off our Jersey pride. Even better, $1 from every bottle of What Exit Wine is donated to local charities. If you're doing a fundraiser in NJ, Old York also offers their event facilities at a reduced rate to non-profit organizations who wish to host wine-themed fundraisers.



Show off your Jersey pride with a bottle of "What Exit" wine AND part of the proceeds go to a great local charity, how much more could you ask for, right? Well like most things, in Jersey, someone has a problem with it.

The NJ Turnpike Association is threatening legal action against the NJ winery for What Exit's logo as they're saying it infringes on the Garden State Parkway logo because they use the same colors, green and yellow.

The NJ winery filed an injunction earlier this month seeking a judgement from the court declaring that the Old York Cellars mark does not infringe on the NJTA trademark. OYC is not the only small business the NJTA has gone after for trademark infringement.

Old York winery actually went out of its way to change the logo around and the NJTA is STILL not happy with it! What more could the NJTA want from the NJ winery?

Looking at both logos side by side, does the revised What Exit logo really look like the Parkway logo?