📺 Arnold Diaz brought his 'shame' investigative feature to 3 New York TV outlets

📺 He retired from PIX 11 in 2022

📺 He won 48 New York Emmy Awards during his career

Investigative journalist Arnold Diaz, known for his “shame" investigative feature has died at the age of 74.

Diaz brought his confrontational style to New York in the 1970s at CBS New York before moving onto ABC News in 1995 to become the consumer reporter for the newsmagazine "20/20."

He returned to the CBS station in 2003 for another three years before moving to Fox 5 until his departure in 2014.

PIX 11 hired Diaz to head up its investigative unit until his retirement in 2022.

During his final broadcast, the Brooklyn-born Diaz said he was lucky to have what he called a "dream job" where he got to stand up for the little guy and "stick it to the bad guys."

“In a town where money talks, my ‘Shame on You’ reports, later called ‘Shame Shame Shame’ and ‘What a Shame,’ gave voice to victims whose complaints were too often ignored," Diaz said. "Complaints about lousy landlords, greedy businesses, incompetent government agencies. The liars, cheats and con artists were rarely punished. But we tracked them down, confronted them on camera, a public shaming that often resulted in victims’ problems being resolved,"

Arnold Diaz speaks onstage at the 50th Annual New York Emmy Awards Gala in 2007
Arnold Diaz speaks onstage at the 50th Annual New York Emmy Awards Gala in 2007 (Bryan Bedder/Getty Images)

Over the course of his New York career, he won 48 local Emmy Awards and was inducted into the National Academy of Arts and Sciences Silver Circle.

Diaz is the fourth longtime New York TV news personality to pass away in 2023.

John Roland, a long-time anchor for Fox 5, died in May. In July, CBS New York meteorologist Elise Finch died at the age of 51 and meteorologist and science reporter Dr. Frank Field passed away at the age of 100.

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