If you had your choice between hitting a turtle on the road or causing an accident, what would you do? In Galloway Township police say a 3 car pileup was caused when a motorist in an Infiniti slowed to avoid hitting a turtle on the While Horse Pike. 

Happy Turtle


Police say Dominique Flipping of Mays Landing struck that vehicle from behind, crossed the center line and slammed into a Ford driven by Julio Pagan of Sewell. Pagan's vehicle hit a utility pole and crashed through a billboard. Two people in the Infiniti sustained minor injuries. Flipping got a ticket for careless driving. The turtle was found safe under the Infiniti and released into the woods.

There's no truth to the rumor that the turtle passed three people driving a Crown Vic in the right lane.

Have you ever avoided hitting an animal on the road? What happened? Let us hear your story below.

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