If your heart just lights up this time of year, it only makes sense to deck out your yard to match. Stock up on beautiful outdoor decor to turn your yard into a breathtaking winter wonderland.


ORIENTAL CHERRY Merry & Bright Porch Sign

Get the message across to anyone who approaches your door. It is all merry and bright in here, folks.


TOFU Star Curtain Lights

Little twinkle lights are great, but sometimes you have to bring out the big lights. Add some stars to your holiday decor! They're beautiful and cute to boot. If these aren't big enough for you, get your hands on these even heftier beauties.


MAOYUE Outdoor Star Tree 335 LED Lights

Regular ole string lights are great but they're nothing new. String lights that create a giant Christmas tree in your yard? Now that's something to show off to the neighbors.


Christmas Glitter Unicorn Lighted Yard Art

There are so many animals associated with winter and Christmas, but I can't get enough of this Christmas Unicorn. It goes with everything and it has that whimsical winter energy that I love.


AerWo 5' Inflatable Greeting Snowman

If you have snow, you might have the chance to build an actual snowman in your yard, but all the snow in the world won't make a snowman who sparkles like this one. It has cool rotating lights and he just looks so friendly.


Set of Ten Prextex Christmas Candy Cane Pathway Markers

Show everyone the way through your magical-looking yard with the light of these candy can pathway markers. They look delicious and festive. Hopefully none of the neighbors try to take a bite, but who could really blame them?


6-Pack of LED Solar Pathway Lights

These aren't as tasty looking as the candy canes, but they're still cute and colorful. You could use them year-round, but you have to admit they blend right in with bright, happy Christmas decorations.


RECESKY 100 LED 33' Christmas String Lights With Remote and Timer

All the other bells and whistles are great but don't forget the basic building blocks - string lights. LEDs last a long time and are more energy-efficient, and you can go as intense or as subtle as you want with multiple sets.


Fitybow 40' 120 LED Battery Operated Rope Lights - 8 Modes With Remote Timer

Colorful tube lights are a unique way to light flower beds, windows, doors and more. If you're going a less traditional route, they lend a novel charm to your decorating, and the eight different modes of lighting (twinkling, fade, etc.) give you multiple options.


MZD8391 Upgraded Stay-On 66' 200 LEDs Christmas String Lights

It's hard to go wrong with classic white lights for that wonderful, heart-warming glow. The whole string will keep going even if one bulb goes out, so no need to get a new set every year just because one light gave up the ghost. Isn't that the greatest gift of all?

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