If you were a fan of the AMC show “Mad Men” you’ll remember it ended with Don Draper getting the idea for the famous Coke ad “I’d Like To Teach The World To Sing.” The “Mad Man” who actually wrote the song, Bill Backer, passed away last Friday at the age of 89.

Backer and his team immortalized such jingles as “things go better with Coke,” "Miller Lite is everything you ever wanted in a beer... and less,” the Campbell's slogan "soup is good food,” and "little girls have pretty curls, but I like Oreo.”

In his honor, we made a “Trev’s Top Ten” list of the best New Jersey commercials:

1. New Jersey and You, Perfect Together

What better way to start it off than with Governor Kean sounding like a Kennedy saying the slogan in this 1980 tourism ad.

2. Crazy Eddie

DJ Jerry Carrol was the guy constantly telling you to “get the best prices you can find and Crazy Eddie will beat them…Why? Because his prices are insane!" You could say the same about owner, Eddie Antar, who was charged with a series of crimes, fled to Israel, but was returned to stand trial. In the end, he was sentenced to eight years in prison and paid large fines.

3. Nobody Beats The Wiz

Who better to fill the Crazy Eddie void than another stereo store. This one actually changed its name to "Nobody Beats The Wiz" and the commercials were so funny they appeared in a Seinfeld episode.

4. Carvel Ice Cream


These classic spots were done by Tom Carvel himself, selling ice cream cakes like Fudgey The Whale (”it’s a whale of a cake for a whale of a dad”), and Cookiepuss.

5. Palasades Park


Long before there was Great Adventure, there was Palasades Park with rides, roller coasters, a salt water pool, and Little Miss America contests. It also had a hit song by Freddie Cannon that was covered by both the Beach Boys and the Ramones, plus a commercial with a song you could sing along to.

6. Stronger Than The Storm

This was both a commercial and a rallying cry after Hurricane Sandy hit New Jersey. Later, a federal investigation was launched to see if Governor Christie used any of the Sandy relief funds to make the spots.

7. Great Adventure

Who will ever forget the dancing old Mr. Six leading folks to the “greatest day in your life.”

8. Action Park

Action Park kinda picked up where Palisades Park left off (only much more dangerous), but they did have a nice commercial.

9. Beefsteak Charlie’s

Not only did you get a great steak, but all the shrimp you could eat at their salad bar! No wonder they went out of business.

10. Shop Rite Can Can sale

If you like show tunes and saving money this is the commercial for you!

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