Every good storm has a name and for the life of me I can't figure out how they who choose arrive at them. The one that we are experiencing on Wednesday has been named "Quinn" which, thanks to Manfred Mann, could have its own song. But I'm thinking we can do better. But Andrew Torres, my traffic extraordinaire, says "That name is from the Weather Channel, it's not official and not recognized by NWS."

So I asked you both on New Jersey 101.5 as well as my Facebook and Twitter to "Name That Storm." Here are some of the names you've come up with:

Suzy Rose Yengo (owner of "Catch A Rising Star" comedy chain) — "Catch a Rising Storm!"

Kevin Kearney — Steve Trevelise. Suzy's right. "Evening At Home-Worrying About Getting To Work Tomorrow" is no name for a storm.

Eric Cullmann — "The Storm of Kreator."

John Norton — "Stormy McStormface."

Rich Gunning — "Hype-icane."

Budda Von — "Annoyingagedden."

Carol Kervitsky — "Unwelcome."

Comedian Pete Michaels — "Bitch."

Ray Sanchez — "Bombogenisis."

Vickie Shaw — "March madness."

Gregory Repice — "Mike Mumula" because it will amount to nothing.

Kevin D. Hill — “Your Sista’s Ass.”

Danny McGettigan — "Overrated."

That we'll see about but of all the names, the most popular was P.I.A. which stands for "Pain in the Ass."

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