You can tell by what I do for a living that I'm a guy who doesn't like to get his hands dirty. So when it comes to eating, if I can use a knife and fork, I will. I could never understand serving wings and ribs at parties where people will be embracing and shaking hands with each other why you would want to offer or accept a hand that was covered in barbecue sauce and saliva even if it were wiped with a napkin. That's why I always go for the easy to eat apps.

So the other night at dinner as my wife served fall off the bone ribs, I took advantage by using my fork and knife to slide them off and enjoy. Then I get called out by my son, Albert, who chastises me for the way I eat!! That little 10 year old calling me out! It reminded me of when our own Joe Votruba got called out for eating pizza with a fork and knife, which i would do if it were too hard or hot to handle and I was really hungry. If that's a "Jersey sin" then I'm going to have to add it to my long list.

The Fork and Knife is one of the oldest restaurants in New Jersey . Notice they don't call it the "Stuff Your Face With Your Hands"  Why do you think the Swiss Army Knife has a fork in the first place? By the way, do you think if the Swiss had a better weapon, they'd be more of a superpower? I would just like to say to my fork and knife amigos , you are not alone!

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