TRENTON — A boil water advisory was put into effect for parts of New Jersey's capital city on Tuesday morning.

The advisory, however, was lifted Tuesday evening.

A "water quality issue" for a "potential or actual threat to the quality of water" prompted the notification from Trenton Water Works. A statement from Trenton Mayor Eric Jackson later clarified that "a technical issue at the city's water treatment plant caused chlorine levels to temporarily drop. Chlorine is used to help purify drinking water."

The advisory affected about 35,000 people in an area that covers much of the downtown of Trenton. It includes the area from the Delaware River northeast toward Stanley Avenue, Perry Street, Canal Street and south into the Duck Island area.

In its advisory, the utility said only a small portion of Ewing along Route 29 is affected. Its service areas in Hopewell and Lawrence is unaffected.

Hamilton Township on its website said the Deutzville/Lalor Tract area is also affected.

Michael Walker, spokesman for the city of Trenton, said the water is safe for bathing and laundry, and is not contaminated.

"People should go to the city's website,, for official information about the status of the advisory and not listen to rumor and innuendo. Get information from official sources," Walker said.

Walker said testing is going on throughout the day in compliance with federal law and its anticipated the order will be lifted by the end of the day.

"Our preliminary tests are showing nothing but we have to continue doing the test because that's what the federal government says we have to do," Walker said.

The order is not having an affect on primary voting in the city.

Those affected should bring water to a rolling boil for one minute and allow to cool before using for

  • drinking
  • preparing foods,washing vegetables and fruit,
  • cooking
  • making ice cubes
  • taking medications,
  • brushing teeth
  • mixing baby formula, food, juices or drinks.

A home filtering device does not take the place of boiling water.

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