My friend Reed Gusciora, who is a prosecutor and a member of the New Jersey Assembly, just won an election to become the next mayor of Trenton. How'd he do it? He knocked on just about every door in the city. He promised to start with the small things like filling potholes and picking up trash. Then tackle the big things like public safety, job creation and quality of life. He's an aggressive, positive, thoughtful leader who truly wants the best for the city.

Similar to Ras Baraka in Newark who seems to be squarely focused on running the city and make it safer and more prosperous, Reed is that guy for Trenton. This is very unlike the ambitious politicians that we typically see looking for a major city leadership role as a way of running up. Reed is unlikely to be a candidate for higher office. Not because he's not qualified, but because he is a local guy who wants to improve his community. Ousted from his last Assembly district by 'bosses' in the behind the scenes redrawing of the legislative map, he moved into Trenton and won his seat back. Living in Trenton he saw first hand how bad it had become and like the true patriot he is, ran for mayor to fix it. I applaud his courage and commitment to making Trenton Great Again. We're with you Mr. Mayor, Looking forward to the progress in our Capitol city.

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