Life is valuable. Too often people forget that and get to a point where they are so distraught they contemplate the permanent decision of suicide.

Thanks to two heroes in the Trenton Police Department, one man has a second chance at life. Trenton cops, Officer Richard Agabiti and Richard Gonzalez are this week's #BlueFriday honorees.

In July, they responded to a call of a man perched on a ledge. He was positioned over a railroad track with live electrical wires. Clearly life threatening potential if he jumped. The officers responded quickly and were able to talk to the man to keep him from jumping as they approached and were able to grab his arms and pull him to safety.

This is exactly the kind of heroics that so many people dismiss as 'normal duty'. There is nothing normal or consistent about the job of a New Jersey cop. Regardless of where our law enforcement officers serve, they are always willing to step up and act in order to protect and serve.

One man is alive today because of two brave officers who acted calm, cool and collected in order to prevent a deadly tragedy. Our thanks and gratitude goes out to Officers Agabiti and Gonzalez as well as all the capable members of the Trenton Police force.

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