We are all familiar with those classic little silver player pieces in a Monopoly game. The tokens are often fought over at the beginning, because no one wants to be the wheel barrow or the thimble. More coveted are the race car or the dog. Hasbro, Inc. just launched a worldwide contest for fans to pick 8 new tokens to replace the old ones in a next generation version of the game. We thought since Monopoly is based on Atlantic City, NJ using actual streets from the iconic shore town like Oriental Avenue and St. James Place, why shouldn't those game tokens represent New Jersey as well? There's nothing New Jersey about a top hat.

So we put our listeners on the case on Tuesday's show and as always they didn't disappoint. Here are just some of the audience suggestions.

Robert came up with pork roll, egg, and cheese.

Lenny had Lucy The Elephant, an Atlantic City rolling chair, or if that's too old fashioned an Atlantic City jitney.

But they didn't have to be just Atlantic City. Tina's idea was the famous Jet Star roller coaster left out in the ocean after Sandy. Or maybe a ferris wheel.

Keisha, with tons of Jersey attitude, called in to suggest a gas pump with one of those NO symbols, a circle with a slanted line through it, since "Jersey girls don't pump!"

Dan had one honorable and one not so honorable. The Statue Of Liberty, and a hand giving the middle finger.

Jason was thinking people, either The Situation lifting his shirt up, or Chris Christie sitting on a bridge.

Kenny offered up the Jersey Devil, or a Parkway exit sign.

Sean had the idea of a token made to look like the famous Tilly clown face from Asbury Park.

In a tribute to our greatest inventor EJ thought of a lightbulb.

Marcy wants a classic Jersey diner, which is easy since the pieces tend to be silver and it could look like one of those stainless steel joints.

Mike offered up the Jersey tomato and also a black bear.

My thoughts were a slice of pizza and a hypodermic needle washed up on a Jersey beach. No matter how you slice it, all our ideas are way more 'Jersey' than what you're being offered to vote on at Hasbro's contest site votemonopoly.com.

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