It all went down, and off, Tuesday night at a ShopRite in Bayonne.

According to police cited by, a 42-year-old Hoboken woman was spotted trying to leave a store with unpaid items. The loss prevention agent who saw this notified a police officer working security at the store, police said. That officer tried to stop the woman from leaving but a struggle ensued, authorities say.

Bayonne Lt. Eric Amato said the woman became uncooperative and angry and tried to flee. In the struggle, he said, the woman scratched the officer's arm several times trying to punch him and then slipped out of her shirt when the officer grabbed it to keep her from running.

Police say she fled the store topless.

You would think that would be pretty easy to spot. Turns out it was. She was apprehended a block away and, according to Amato, the stolen merchandise was returned to the ShopRite and things got worse for the woman when narcotics paraphernalia was discovered.

She's been charged with robbery, resisting arrest and possession of narcotic paraphernalia.

I know you wanted a picture with this story and I am sorry there is none to offer. The Seinfeld question of good naked or bad naked will remain unanswered.

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