Following the sudden death of actor James Gandolfini, family, friends and fans have all started leaving their condolences and memories of the famed New Jersey actor.  While Gandolfini played many amazing roles on the big screen, he will always be known as the NJ's top mob boss, Tony Soprano.

In celebration of his life and career, we take a look at the top 10 Tony Soprano moments. **Be careful if you're at work or with kids, remember it IS the Sopranos after all, so there is plenty of foul language involved.

  • Tony Addresses "The Family"

    Tony addresses the troops and stresses the importance of sticking together.

  • Driving a Boat - Soprano Style

    In a rare close moment with his son, Tony spends time with Anthony Jr. teaching him how to drive a boat.


  • Tony Attempts to Quit Therapy

    Even though he thought it was pointless and wanted to quit, Tony always found his way back to Dr. Melfi's office.

  • Tony's Still the Boss

    Tony makes a point after recuperating that he's still in charge.

  • Tony's Final Meeting with Junior

    Tony's final meeting with Uncle Junior..

  • Tony and Carmela Have it Out

    After building up for a very long time,  a huge blowout finally takes place between Tony and his wife Carmela.

  • "Are You in the Mafia?"

    Tony's daughter Meadow asks her dad about his "business practices."

  • Tony Talks Economics

    Tony gives a motivational speech and gives a lesson in economics.

  • "Public Enemy"

    After the death of his mother who he had a very stormy relationship with, Tony watches the old film "Public Enemy."

  • Tony's in Love

    Tony confesses his love for Dr. Melfi

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