Looking for recipe ideas for this Memorial Day Weekend? Well here they are. We’ve pried these secret recipes from the top chefs here at NJ101.5 to bring you their most guarded, family-favorite recipes for this Memorial Day.

  • Trevelise's Jersey Tomato Salad with Chopped Basil

    This Italian dish comes straight from my grandmother. It’s been in my family for a thousand years. It’s a great dish for the summer time when you don’t want to cook anything.

  • Big Joe Henry Reveals Nana's Homemade Potato Salad Recipe

    I adored my grandmother, and I had the pleasure of living with her for a lengthy period of time as I was growing up. My nana made a great potato salad, just outstanding! We had this potato salad at every major family function, especially in the summer.

    Flickr: wEnDaLicious
  • Eric Scott's Amazing Apple-Spritzed BBQ Ribs on the Grill

    Here is one for ribs that never failed to bring the neighbors over for just a little “taste.” We didn’t have a lot of money, so aside from tasting great, this recipe is cheap!

    Flickr: rfduck
  • Ray Rossi Dishes Lynn's Famous Clam Sauce on the Grill with Nice Linguini

    Why is this special? Because it’s not summer until we have this to start the summer. We all get together under the big umbrella at Casa Rossi and have a good time. Enjoy!

    Flickr: Thehungrydudes
  • Matt White Has Poppy's Secrets for the Perfect London Broil

    While my grandfather had several signature grilling dishes, his London broil was always a favorite for everybody, and personally, my favorite dish. It is a dish that is not overly complicated, but with the right blends of spices and marinades, is a great dish for a BBQ. It brings back so many great childhood memories of great times at the Jersey Shore.

    Staff photo
  • Dennis Malloy's Not-So-Italian Pulled Pork Sandwiches

    For years now I have made the mistake of making Italian food anytime we have company from Italy come to visit. Well we have another cousin coming to meet the family for the first time this weekend and we are having a big family cookout for her to enjoy.

    Flickr: Ginnerobot