Six seasons that went from 1999 to 2007.

Probably some of the most memorable TV ever produced. With some of the best writing and acting you’ll ever see.

Yes it’s true, Tony (in the person of James Gandolfini) was laid to rest today; but the series that was his “high water mark” in acting lives on in DVD.

No doubt there will be a run on Soprano’s DVD sets.
Some are advertising 30 DVD packages; enough for probably a month of viewing.

And some episodes stand out more than others, just like some seasons stand out more than others.

1) “46 Long,” Season 1. Tony the Son: We got to see the whole man in a few brief scenes in this pivotal episode. While Tony is at Bada Bing surrounded by opless babes, he’s on the phone with his mother, Livia (left), as she sets her house on fire. Frustration turns to anger turns to panic. He and Carmela (near left) persuaded Livia to move to the Garden Grove nursing home.

2) “Whoever Did This,” Season 4. Tony the Animal Lover: He is so upset that Ralphie (left) has set the stable on fire and “cooked” his horse, he strangles him.

3) “Funhouse,” Season 2. Tony the Rat Bastard: He kills Big Pussy (left) and sends him to permanently swim with the fishes after he finds that Pussy is really a rat who’s been squealing to the feds.

4) “College,” Season 1. Tony the Loving Dad: He took Meadow around to look at colleges, and still managed to take time out to kill an informant.

5) “Kennedy and Heidi,” Season 6. Tony the Killer: After Christopher (left) was injured in a car accident and asked Tony to call 911, he pinched his nephew’s nostrils until he suffocated.

6) “Whitecaps,” Season 4. Tony the husband from hell: Carmela (left) kicked him out after years of infidelity. His reaction? Volcanic.

7) “I Dreamed of Jeannie Cusimano,” Season 1. Tony the Victim: Livia (left) put out a hit on him.

8) “Irregular Around the Margins,” Season 5. Tony the Playboy: He made a play for Adriana (right).

My favorite: Commendatori: Season 2, Episode 4-

This is where Tony goes to Italy to work out a deal with the top Mafioso in Naples, only to find he’s a doddering old man with dementia; and has to deal with his wheeling dealing daughter who tries to put the moves on him.

Memorable to me because of the dialect of Italian spoken; and the interaction between the Italian natives and their American counterparts at whom they they look down upon.

If you had to pick just one, which would be your favorite episode? (If there is just one!)

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