If you don’t know what a rage room is, think of the times you were so angry or stressed that you just wanted to break something. That’s the idea. In these places, you can.

Now escape rooms are soooo five minutes ago. There are several rage rooms already in New Jersey. One is in North Brunswick and another in Hackensack. The latest is coming soon to Toms River. According to the Asbury Park Press, it’s going to be in Plaza 37 on Route 37. You rent a room with lamps, TVs, furniture, etc. and they give you goggles and a sledgehammer and you can tear the place apart.

Now the problem I have with these rage rooms is that you can’t schedule rage. The moments you truly want to break stuff in frustration come organically and within context. In other words, you can’t schedule rage.

Oh you’re angry? How about in three days, Tuesday afternoon, at 4:15?

If you just want to see what it’s like to break stuff, okay. But to get something truly visceral out of your system wouldn’t work for me.

Smash City Rage Room is looking to open in Toms River sometime in April.

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