*NOTE: I take my Wordle-ing very seriously, the following contains spoilers for today’s game, you’ve been warned*

Not since the “blue and black” or “white and gold” dress have I felt such division and confusion on the internet.

If you’re not aware of Wordle, it’s a daily word game in which you have six chances to guess what the five-letter word of the day is.

Or so we had been told!

People who share their results (I don’t know about you, but my family members have a group chat basically dedicated to sharing Wordle scores) started to notice that not everyone had the same word.

Kylie Moore screenshot
Kylie Moore screenshot

I was SHOOK.

Some people’s word of the day was “stove,” others had “harry.”

Is this the world we live in now? Chaotic Wordle? I thought we could at least trust this game to have some stability. Can nothing be trusted?

We want answers.

This was #NotMyWordle

This feels like another “some people thought it was ‘Berenstain Bears’ and some people thought it was ‘Berenstein Bears’” situation. Dare I even attempt today’s Quordle or will it just lead to even more trust issues?

So which word did a majority of New Jersey get? Take our poll to help me get to the bottom of this Wordle mystery.

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