Snowstorm season is approaching. It’s important to be prepared to make sure you are ready for a snowstorm that may hit your area. Planning for an emergency ahead of time could increase your chances of safety. Here are some tips to help you be prepared for a potential snowstorm this season.



Mine Hill, New Jersey during October snowstorm.
Mine Hill, New Jersey in hard-hit Morris County during October snowstorm (Loci Lenar/flickr user)
  • Go to the supermarkets as soon as you can to load up on items such as water, bread, and non perishable items, and build a supply kit.
  • Refill any prescriptions that you need and may be running out of.
  • Make multiple copies of personal documents.
  • Keep flashlights, lanterns and plenty of batteries on hand in case a power outage occurs. It’s a good idea to have different battery sizes ready.
  • Stock up on candles and matches.
  • Put a full tank of gas in your car, or at least enough gas to be able to drive in an emergency situation when gas stations are closed.
  • Have warm clothing such as hats, coats, gloves, scarves, and blankets close by.
  • Keep battery powered TVs or radios on hand to help keep you informed in case of a power outage. Recharge anything that needs to be charged ahead of time.
  • Buy a generator to have as a back up power source just in case you lose electricity.
  • Have a backup heating plan ready, such as a fireplace.
  • Stock up on rock salt to melt any ice on your property.
  • Insulate your home with storm windows, or cover your windows in plastic so you can keep the heat inside.
  • Have an ample supply of pet food if you are a pet owner.


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