Let's face it — we've all got that one friend that insists on leaving a 10 percent tip at the table, even though everyone else is tipping between 15 and 20 percent. How much do you leave, and is it enough?

A new survey from CreditCards.com reveals who the best tippers are in the U.S., and some of the results might surprise you. According to the survey, the best tippers are Republicans, men, and credit or debit card users. The best tippers are also more likely to be from states in the Northeast.

So how much do the best tippers typically leave? According to the survey, all of these groups leave a median of 20 percent when dining.

"Most good tippers start with 20 percent as the baseline as what they tip at a sit-down restaurant," said Matt Schulz, a senior industry analyst with CreditCards.com.

And that now leaves us to talk about the worst tippers. The survey finds that cash users, Democrats and those that live in the South only tip a median of 15 percent. Women, on average, leave a 16 percent tip.

One of the most surprising things the survey reveals is the number of people that don't bother to leave a tip at all. The survey finds that one in five people admit to not leaving a tip at a restaurant, at least occasionally.

"Unless your service is just an absolute disaster, there's really no excuse for failing to tip, at least a little bit," Schulz said.

And while most Americans tip when dining out, not everyone is on the same page when it comes to tipping for other types of services like the local barista or the hotel bellhop. The survey finds that:

  • 27 percent tip their hotel cleaning staff;
  • 29 percent tip their local barista;
  • 67 percent tip their hairdresser or barber.

And while men are more generous when it comes to tipping at a restaurant, women are more likely to tip than men for the above services.

How much do you typically tip? Have you ever shortchanged your waitstaff due to poor service?

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