Another Monday, another story about radical groups grooming children for their extreme ideology. This time it's a group in Princeton that has managed to direct the school district to teach a very narrow version of what I call "alphabet soup".

This is the same group that has been exposed by citizen journalists to be pushing a sexualized agenda and purposely hiding the agenda from parents. Many groups have been calling out the inappropriate sexualized agenda being pushed in our schools for years now.

Why are so many adults obsessed with teaching sex acts to children? If you have to ask that question, then your school district has already gone too far.

We say the incredible results in the 2022 and 2023 elections when hundreds of new school board candidates won locally on the issue of protecting parental rights. Of course, the issue did not have an "up-ballot" impact as most challengers to the complicit pro-sexualized curriculum Democrats were either too weak and scared to run on the issue or were taking money from special interests like the NJEA and didn't want to upset the cash flow to their campaigns.

So, the GOP lost six seats at a time when we were gaining significant ground locally. The state Republican Party chairman even spent hundreds of thousands of dollars of his own money attacking me instead of embracing parental rights and helping Republicans.

There will be many candidates that come asking for your money and your vote in 2025. Make sure you ask them a few questions before you commit.

Did they support the current state attorney general who has waged war against parental rights?

Did the candidate refuse to fight for common sense issues and then blame his campaign for being too white when he lost?

Did the candidate support a bill that allowed a radical Leftist to define what is "real" and "fake" news in our schools?

Parental rights will be on the ballot in 2025. The future of New Jersey will be on the ballot in 2025.

Will New Jersey be a state where children can be safe from predators in the classroom?

Will New Jersey be a state where small businesses can start, expand, and prosper?

Will New Jersey be a state where middle and working-class families can afford to raise kids, afford a decent guilty of life, and eventually retire financially secure?

Will New Jersey be a state where legal residents feel safe in their neighborhoods and homes?

Will New Jersey be the state that sides with law enforcement and other first responders over radicals taking to the streets to "defund the police"?

Will New Jersey be a place that creates jobs, expands and supports affordable energy, and transportation, and provides a functional government?

Will our debt and spending continue to increase until every taxpayer who can afford to leave does?

If any of the prospective Democrats are elected in November 2025, we know that things will stay the same and then get worse. If any of the three prospective Republicans mentioned earlier are elected, the problem will be delayed slightly and then continue to get worse.

We need change. We need a populist champion, grounded in common sense policy initiative with the courage and support of non-traditional Republicans to win.

It's time to get New Jersey in line with the rest of America.

We need to get back to teaching American greatness. The value of patriotism and sacrifice. We had better start fighting back and teaching the next generation about the greatness of America if we are going to hold onto our Republic.

The election is still a couple of years off. For now, stand up to the radicals in your schools. Assert your rights as parents. Teach your kids that if the school is hiding something from parents then it's not something they should be teaching in school. Transparency, accountability, and academic results are what we should expect from our school system.

You're paying the highest taxes in the nation for it, you may as well get a return on the investment.

How much your school district gets under Murphy's proposed 2024 budget

Gov. Phil Murphy's porposed 2024 budget includes $1 billion in new spending for school funding including pre-K funding, pension and benefits, and an additional $832 million in K-12 aid, which is listed below by county and district.

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