We've been discussing for years how many school boards and local governments have enabled the weaponizing of our education for the political agendas of some radical organizations and agendas.

Just today on the show we heard from several school areas fighting the fight against the sexualization of kids, age-appropriate material, and spending priorities.

Lauren from the Barnegat BOE, who is newly elected, is fighting back against the wasteful spending on a new bistro in the high school, smartly pointing out that there may be a better use for public funds considering the fact that so many teachers have to spend their own money on school supplies and the teachers' pension plan is certain on shaky financial ground.

Fran in Glen Ridge is a mom who started a group called Citizens Defending Education. Since October, she and her team of parents have been asking the public library to evaluate kids' section materials.

The goal is simple, prevent kids from casual contact with explicit and vulgar content. They started with submitting reviews and then were hit with subsequent denials, all the while, none of the specific objections were addressed.

The real battle according to this fighting mom is with the targeting of kids with such content including instructions on how to have sex, how to send naked pics over the internet, and how to find pornography over the internet. She will continue to fight.

In Springfield, board members Yelena and Sharyn are fighting the obvious problem with the new "Transgender student policy." Yelena pushed back vocally with her main point being against the fact that parental consent for a grade-schooler to identify as another gender is not required. BOE still voted to pass.

Parental Rights and the rights of children are being trampled by radicals. We are fighting back.

Join me and take action to fight back to save our state from the corrupt bureaucracies which have no regard for our families, our businesses, and our communities. Every month we'll have a different issue that you can have your voice hear, check back here often!

What's happening in your town that we need to know about?

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