Another day, another useless politician proposing legislation to make a headline. Today’s winner is State Senator Vin Gopal.

Although probably well-intentioned, it’s a potential disaster for small businesses.

That's especially for those that may have fallen victim to unscrupulous customers trying to take advantage of the lockdown damage, from which so many businesses have yet to recover.

The bottom line is that people who feel they have been wronged have every right to fight for their rights and money by hiring a lawyer and dealing with the actual wording of their contract. Same goes for the business that may be feeling the squeeze from aggressive customers trying to get more than they paid for in the deal. Lawyering up is good, but leave the legislation out of it.

The last thing we need is more legislation from Trenton. If your wedding was postponed and you are battling over a lost/held deposit, then you need a lawyer. More legislation that may hold small biz hostage to couples who are trying to take advantage will be another blow to small biz in New Jersey. Who’s gonna protect us from bad-actor politicians?

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