On Tuesday, I got a call from a young women who was upset that a week before her wedding, under the limits imposed by arbitrary government edict, the venue told her she and all of her guests had to mask up or the music wouldn’t play.

What? How absurd.

The evidence is overwhelming that the mask culture is just a political ploy and has ZERO positive impact on public health. Actually it’s been shown it can be a threat to public health.

The pandemic, for all intents and purposes, ended when hospitalizations and deaths peaked in late April. Kids and younger, healthy people are almost completely unaffected by the virus, even at the height of the spread. But despite all of these facts, politicians are still bullying venues into pursuing a fake safety protocol in an effort to exercise increasing control over our economy and our lives. Sadly for a lot of families, that means no return to normal for weddings, funerals and otherwise normal and necessary family gatherings.

On the recent podcast conversation the team reminisced about the old days, when we were recording a podcast while attending Jessica’s Wedding.

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