Okay this is now getting serious.

A year ago in November I wrote an opinion piece about legislation that would bring back a license plate which was standard in New Jersey as a retro specialty plate. It’s the one that we all saw from 1979 through 1991. That rather dull blue monstrosity with the faded yellow lettering.

Man, reading what I wrote about it then, geesh I was brutal! But I stand by it. I personally never knew anybody who liked those plates.

Perhaps it was just my particular circular. And as Sen. Kristen Corrado who sponsored the legislation points out, it wouldn’t cost us anything. If there’s not enough interest to generate the cost of production the idea isn’t implemented.

She says there’s enough people who miss the plates and who would pay the one time $50 fee and annual $10 added to registration renewal to make this happen. Corrado says it was actually a constituent who pitched the idea to her and that owners of classic cars would want them as a retro plate of that time period.

Well guess what? It just cleared an important hurdle. A committee vote. The senate Transportation Committee voted unanimously to advance the measure.

The Assembly hadn’t warmed up to it as much. There it’s still waiting for a hearing. Maybe this will spark some traction.

If this drab blue plate could come back, what else should we live in fear of returning? The moonwalk on dance floors? High hair? Shoulder pads? Acid-washed jeans? Oh God, Milli Vanilli?!

Again, maybe this is a ‘me’ problem. Let’s find out. Would people pay extra for the retro blue plate? Take our poll below.

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