With all the problems New Jersey is facing right now, do you really think how many license plates we have on our vehicles is really a pressing issue? Senator Samuel Thompson sure thinks it's a pressing issue as he has proposed a bill to make NJ the 20th state that would only have one license plate on our cars.

Only a fraction of our police cars have the electronic readers. So, the majority of police work is done by eye and the need is there for a plate in front and the rear of vehicles. Having a second plate would also be far less expensive then putting electronic readers in every police vehicle. Considering NJ is staring down at a minimum wage hike that could cripple our budget, putting readers in the majority of police cruisers is not a priority.

I think we don't have enough plates on our cars. Forget just one plate, let's put more of them on our cars to make it easier for law enforcement. I say put five of them on our cars! Why not?

Do you agree or disagree? Cast your vote in our Twitter poll below. You can listen to my full rant in the clip above.

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